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for Biological and Machine Intelligence Research

The Lee Laboratory for Biological and Machine Intelligence Research is a part of the Computer Science Department and the Center for the Neural Basis of Cognition at Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA. Our laboratory seeks to understand the computational principles of learning and inference in the biological visual systems using computational and neurophysiological techniques, and to utilize these principles to advance machine learning and computer vision.

Credit: Andrew Rush/Post­-Gazette

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Postdoc Researcher

Dr. Matthew Smith

Dr. Matthew Smith

Ph.D. Neuroscience (2002), New York University Current: Assistant Professor in Ophthalmology, University of Pittsburgh Email
Dr. Xiaogang Yan

Dr. Xiaogang Yan

Ph.D. Biomedical Engineering (1990), Zhejiang University, China Current: Scientific Engineer, York University Email
Dr. Yugou Yu

Dr. Yugou Yu

Ph.D. Physics (2001), Nanjing University, China Current: Professor in Computational Neuroscience, Fudan University, Shanghai, China Email
Dr. Jason Samonds

Dr. Jason Samonds

Ph.D. Electrical Engineering (2004), Vanderbilt University Current: Univdrsity of Texas, Austin Email
Dr. Corentin Massot

Dr. Corentin Massot

Ph.D. Congitive Science, University of Glasgow & McGill University Current: University of Pittsburgh Email

Ph.D. Student

Dr. Stella Yu

Dr. Stella Yu

Ph.D. Robotics, 2002, CMU Current: Director of ICSI Vision Group, UC Berkeley Email
Dr. Brian Potetz

Dr. Brian Potetz

Ph.D. Computer Science, 2008, CMU Current: Professor of EECS, University of Kansas Email
Dr. Tom Stepleton

Dr. Tom Stepleton

Ph.D. Robotics, 2010, CMU Current: Google Research Pittsburgh. Deep Mind, London Email
Dr. Ryan Kelly

Dr. Ryan Kelly

Ph.D. Computer Science, 2010, CMU Current: Google Research New York Email
Dr. Xiong Li

Dr. Xiong Li

Ph.D. Automation, 2013, SJTU, China Email

Master's Student

Richard Romero

Richard Romero

M.S. Computer Science Current: Co-Founder, Eizel Technology Email
Ryan Poplin

Ryan Poplin

M.S. Neural Computation Current: Broad Institute, Boston Email

Undergraduate Student

Elizabeth Ottens

Electrical and Computer Engineering, CMU Current: Core OS Engineer, Apple

Lingzhang Jiang

Computer Science, CMU

Dan Howarth

Computer Science, CMU

Mingmin Zhao

Computer Science, Peking University Current: Ph.D. Program in Computer Science, MIT

Chengxu Zhuang

Electronics Engineering, Tsinghua University Current: Graduate Student of Brain and Cognitive Sciences, MIT

Shashank Singh

Computer Science, CMU Current: Ph.D. Program in Machine Learning, CMU

Ben Poole

Computer Science, CMU Current: Computer Science Ph.D. program, Stanford University

Grace Lindsay

Neuroscience, University of Pittsburgh Current: Fellow in Bernstein Center for Computational Neuroscience, Freiburg. Ph.D. program in Computational Neuroscience, Columbia University

Amber Xu

Electrical Engineering, CMU

Andrew Noh

Electrical Engineering, CMU Current: Software Engineer, Google

Ian Lenz

ECE, CIT CMU Current: Ph.D. Program in EECS, Cornell University

Carl Doersch

Computer Science, CMU Current: Ph.D. Program Machine Learning, CMU

Andrew Maas

Computer Science, CMU Current: Ph.D. Program in Computer Science, Stanford

Ankit Khambhati

ECE, CMU Current: Ph.D. Program in Biomedical Engineering, UPenn

Lei Liu

Neuroscience, CMU Current: M.D. Program, Temple Medical School

My Nguyen

Biology, CMU Current: Master, Heinz School of Public Policy, CMU

Ken Shan

Mathematics, CMU Current: Assistant Professor in Computer Science and Cognitive Science, Rutgers, State U. of New Jersey. Ph.D. in Computer Science, Harvard University

Matt Easterday

Computer Science/Philosophy, CMU Current: Assistant Professor, Northwestern University. Ph.D. in Human Computer Interaction, CMU

Mary Berna

Mechanical Engineering, CMU Current: Ph.D. Program in Robotics, CMU

Cindy Yang

Biology, CMU Current: Ph.D. Program in Neuroscience, UCSF

Scott Marmer

Electrical Engineering, CMU Current: J.D. Harvard Law School

Alexandria Marino

Psychology, CMU Current: M.D./Ph.D. Program, Yale Medical School

Tom DuBois

Computer Science, CMU

Elise Cassidente

Computer Science, CMU Current: Law School

Khary Mendez

Computer Science, CMU Current: Software Engineer

Iain Proctor

Computer Science, CMU

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4400 Fifth Ave, MI 115
Pittsburgh, PA, United States 15213